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Member-to-Member Benefits (M2M): We are committed to helping our members cut costs and save money whenever possible in an ever changing economic environment.  Chamber membership guarantees access to exclusive discounts from other Chamber member businesses.  By taking advantage of such discounts, members can see a quick return on their membership investmentWe all have something we to offer!

Here is How it Works...A variety of member businesses choose to make a discount available to Chamber members.
ONLY ACTIVE/CURRENT MEMBERS can participate in the program.

This program is designed to encourage people to do business with other Chamber members.The M2M helps give the businesses offering a discount increased exposure. People who want to use the discount must be an employee of an ACTIVE Chamber member.

We Only Ask That You...Please remember to thank the business for offering a member discount and for being a Chamber Member.

Would you like to announce a special offer to other members?  Please enter the details in the form below to submit it to the chamber staff.

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Richard Pope

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Applied Financial Group LLC


Member2Member Offer

Folks - we have fellow Americans in Texas who are suffering due to Hurricane Harvey. I have spoken with a number of equity members who want to help and create a donation fund for them. I'd love to hear your feedback on this matter. I'd like help to contact All Charities as well as the club. We are ALL Americans and need to help each other when needed. Thanks.

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