August 2017 News

August 2017 News

August 2017 Newsletter
A Word from the Director
Don't miss our first luncheon of the year! Judith S. Clarke, P. E., Director of Engineering Services for Monroe County, will be there to discuss the construction of a new automated toll on Card Sound Road. We will be awarding our 2017 Scholarship winners along with introducing our new Board of Directors. We are working on making our luncheons more interactive for our members and guests so please make sure to bring extra business cards to share with your table. We have some new events and activities that we are excited to share with you in the upcoming months so stay tuned for those details!  

* NEW this luncheon: One lucky chamber member will be able to attend our October luncheon free of charge- we will draw the winner at our first luncheon on Wednesday, September 6th! *

Join us for our Luncheon at Carysfort Hall

Judith S. Clarke, P.E.
Director of Engineering Services
Monroe County
Receive answers on all the questions you may have regarding the construction of the new Card Sound Road Toll Plaza 

$35 at the door
$30 with online Registration and Payment

*Don't forget to bring your business cards for distribution

Thank you to our sponsor!

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*Don't forget to buy a RAFFLE ticket to be our featured Business of the Month! ONLY $5!

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What are our Chamber Member Service Standards?
The Ocean Reef Community is unique in many ways. This special community requires services and products which meet its exacting requirements. Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce members are businesses that are committed to meeting these demanding standards. Chamber members deliver quality services, products, and expertise, while also contributing as solid community citizens.
  • Chamber Members provide quality service- Our customers hold our Chamber businesses to a high standard. They expect quick and efficient service therefore we ask all of our Chamber members to inform the customers of normal process time, when they can expect completion and any delays that may arise in the process. Stick to the promised schedule and be on time for services and meetings with a client. 
  • The Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce has a close working relationship with Ocean Reef Club and with ORCA. These three organizations share common values and goals. This working relationship and our convergent missions, provides Chamber Members with the right focus in serving our unique customer base. 
  • Chamber Members are committed to customer satisfaction. If for ANY reason a customer has an issue with a Chamber Member, the customer and the Member can seek a settlement arrangement through the Chamber's Dispute Resolution Committee. The decision of the committee is required to be followed by all Members to maintain active status in the Chamber.                                                                                                                                                                                                         
* Chamber Members commit themselves, their companies, and their people to each of the statements above to be part of The Chamber, and therefore, a value added contributor to the Ocean Reef Community. *
Toll Booth Update
* ALL members and employees on property may turn in their unused 
toll tickets to the ORC Cashier for a refund  

Member2Member Offer
Folks- we have fellow Americans in Texas who are suffering due to Hurricane Harvey. I have spoken with a number of equity members who want to help and create a donation fund for them. I'd love to hear your feedback on this matter. I'd like help to contact All Charities as well as the club. We are ALL Americans and need to help each other when needed. Thanks.

Richard Pope- Applied Financial Group, LLC

IRS Issues Urgent Warning to Beware of 
IRS/FBI-Themed Ransomware Scam 

IRS YouTube Videos:
WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service today warned people to avoid a new phishing scheme that impersonates the IRS and the FBI as part of a ransomware scam to take computer data hostage.
The scam email uses the emblems of both the IRS and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It tries to entice users to select a "here" link to download a fake FBI questionnaire. Instead, the link downloads a certain type of malware called ransomware that prevents users from accessing data stored on their device unless they pay money to the scammers.

"This is a new twist on an old scheme," said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. "People should stay vigilant against email scams that try to impersonate the IRS and other agencies that try to lure you into clicking a link or opening an attachment. People with a tax issue won't get their first contact from the IRS with a threatening email or phone call."

The IRS, state tax agencies and tax industries - working in partnership as the Security Summit - currently are conducting an awareness campaign called Don't Take the Bait, that includes warning tax professionals about the various types of phishing scams, including ransomware. The IRS highlighted this issue in an Aug. 1 news release IR- 2017-125 Don't Take the Bait, Step 4: Defend against Ransomware.

Victims should not pay a ransom. Paying it further encourages the criminals, and frequently the scammers won't provide the decryption key even after a ransom is paid.

Victims should immediately report any ransomware attempt or attack to the FBI at the Internet Crime Complaint Center, Forward any IRS-themed scams to

The IRS does not use email, text messages or social media to discuss personal tax issues, such as those involving bills or refunds. For more information, visit the "Tax Scams and Consumer Alerts" page on Additional information about tax scams is available on IRS social media sites, including YouTube videos.

If you are a tax professional and registered e-Services user who disclosed any credential information, contact the e-Services Help Desk to reset your e-Services password. If you disclosed information and taxpayer data was stolen, contact your local stakeholder liaison



This year's Scholarship recipients are: 

Jonathan Augustin
Gavin Buck
Kevin Louis-Jean
Grace Sievert
Corley Smith


We thank all of the participants.  We received many outstanding applications from very talented individuals; it was a very difficult decision to make.  

Thank you once again to those who participated in this year's Golf Tournament and 
made these scholarships possible. 

Awardees are to be recognized at our
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